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curved grating

by DarkGreen about 4 hours ago | 0 | 42 views | 0

so... I use a blank DVD-R, and ofcause that makes the grating curved. Are there any software for...

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Mobility considerations for pole aerial photography

by Ecta64 1 day ago | 0 | 171 views | 1

During my first field pole mapping session that required the use of a car to get to the location ...

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polemapping barnstar:excessive-enthusiasm

How to Put a Payload on Garbasail/Playsail Kites

by Ecta64 2 days ago | 4 | 201 views | 2

This post is a addendum to my last on building/using playsail/garbasail kites for mapping. After ...

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kite mapping

The KAPtery marches on

by cfastie 3 days ago | 5 | 260 views | 3

After a year of 3D printing camera rigs for aerial mapping, I would have expected to be bored. In...

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balloon-mapping kite-mapping kite-aerial-photography 3dprinting

a history of crediting contributions

by mathew 3 days ago | 2 | 264 views | 2

photo credit @Stevie, Washington University students build camera rigs. Giving proper credit for...

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balloon-mapping spectrometer gmf mapping

NDVI cape for the beagle bone.

by gpenzo 3 days ago | 5 | 236 views | 3

What I want to do This is a follow up of Accessible Vegetation Indices I want to make a dual cam...

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ndvi camera barnstar:basic two

Link: DIY Microbalance

by Frikkie 4 days ago | 3 | 178 views | 1

I found this on YOUTUBE and think it is worth sharing.

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analytical_balance weighing

Garbasails as KAP kites?

by Ecta64 4 days ago | 2 | 219 views | 2

What is a Playsail/Garbasail? This is a flexible kite that is typically a rectangular or square i...

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Talleres de Fotografía de bajo coste desde el aire en Madrid

by pablo 5 days ago | 1 | 724 views | 2

Fotografía de bajo coste desde el aire es un proyecto educativo que para enseñar técnicas de docu...

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balloon-mapping spain workshop madrid


by edilberto 5 days ago | 1 | 117 views | 0

How I can eliminate a spectrum that I sent?

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question:spectral-workbench answered