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A Day Out Using The TALA Kite Anemometer

by Ecta64 about 4 hours ago | 0 | 80 views | 0

Here is a glimpse into what I hope will eventually be a DIY setup (under 20 bucks in total mat...

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kite anemometer wind-speed-meter

Public Lab job posting: Inventory and Shipping Coordinator

by Shannon about 22 hours ago | 0 | 294 views | 0

Inventory and Shipping Coordinator Start Date: Mid-Late August 2015 Location: Portland, OR Terms...

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Case Study: Ecological Assessment and Management using Balloon- and Kite-collected Aerial Images

by gretchengehrke 4 days ago | 0 | 183 views | 1

This is Part 2 of an ongoing series of case studies by Gretchen Gehrke, Public Lab's Data Advoc...

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blog data-advocacy-case-studies

Small kites for Mobius: Stowaway Delta

by patcoyle 4 days ago | 2 | 209 views | 0

What I want to do Continue to explore smaller kites for use with Mobius Infragram plant cam. See...

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kap infragram gimp infragram-point-shoot

Kite panoramas at 360Cities

by cfastie 4 days ago | 0 | 273 views | 1

Above: The Saturn V Rig with strands of spider silk caught on the kite line. Spiders disperse by ...

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kite-aerial-photography alaska kap autokap

New WheeStat Hardware

by JSummers 5 days ago | 0 | 237 views | 1

What I want to do As outlined in an earlier research note (here), the original WheeStat was limi...

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Case Study: Using Aerial Imagery to Pressure Industrial Polluters into Stormwater Compliance

by gretchengehrke 5 days ago | 8 | 286 views | 2

This is Part 1 of an ongoing series of case studies by Gretchen Gerhrke, Public Lab's Data Advoca...

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new-york-city gowanus-canal brooklyn blog

Tampon Testing for Wastewater

by mcairns 5 days ago | 1 | 217 views | 1

As part of the Thermal Fishing Bob Workshop on Northeastern's campus, we worked to test the utili...

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testing northeastern pollution for

Introducing the calibration plugin for ImageJ/Fiji

by nedhorning 6 days ago | 12 | 326 views | 2

Last month I wrote a research note (

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near-infrared-camera ndvi imagej infragram

"Ecohackers: These kids track pollution with balloons and kites"

by stevie 6 days ago | 0 | 196 views | 0

Check out this column by Chris Berdik in The Hechinger Report Travis Haas, a New Orleans high sc...

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