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Preparation for Pilot H2S Testing

by ErikHanley11 about 12 hours ago | 0 | 85 views | 0

This is a research note for a project surrounding the development of a low cost tool for detectio...

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hydrogen-sulfide-sensing hydrogen-sulfide hydrogen-sulfide-testing photo-paper

Kitimat Mapping Workshop

by ann 4 days ago | 0 | 151 views | 0

Aerial images, taken where you need them, when you need them, can be powerful tools. Imagine bein...

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event event:rsvp northwest date:07-26-2015

Saturn V Unboxing

by dbenjamin 4 days ago | 7 | 158 views | 0

Here's a quick pic of the Saturn V pre-assembly. Hopefully we aren't missing any parts, as it did...

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saturnv skyshield

MapKnitter map of Nature Center Balloon Mapping 6.9.15

by mjg2171 4 days ago | 0 | 145 views | 0

Balloon mapping at the Louisiana Nature Center in New Orleans East

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mapknitter lat:30.0338465922 lon:-89.9616229534

MapKnitter map of Louisiana Nature Center NIR

by stevie 4 days ago | 0 | 124 views | 0

Mapped 6.9.15 This is an NIR map of the Louisiana Nature Center. The images were captured on...

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gulf-coast nir mapknitter neworleans

MapKnitter map of Stormwater Wetlands

by ddileona 4 days ago | 1 | 165 views | 1

Stormwater Wetlands project in City Park May 30, 2015 May 2015City Park, New Orleans

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gulf-coast mapknitter neworleans lat:29.9920173171

are there formaldehyde and other VOCs in my apartment

by liz 5 days ago | 7 | 184 views | 0

What I want to do So, I've been talking about the issue of formaldehyde and other volatile organ...

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formaldehyde indoor-air-quality voc

Question: downloading spectrum

by mebaumga 5 days ago | 1 | 157 views | 0

Can anyone tell me how to download a spectrum? I want the intensity vs. wavelength plot in excel ...

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question:spectral-workbench answered

Borrowing a Formaldehyde Kit, Take 1

by mathew 5 days ago | 6 | 265 views | 2

What I want to do Mail a DIY Formaldehyde Lending Library Kit out to five people, and have them ...

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air-quality air formaldehyde open-air

DIY aerial photography: Kite-mapping workshop in London, UK

by Cindy_ExCites 6 days ago | 0 | 182 views | 0

Ted and myself, Cindy will be hosting a two-part workshop on kite-mapping and map-making in Londo...

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london workshop event kitemapping