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Imaging tips for the Public Lab Pole Mapping Kit (or other pole systems)

by Ecta64 about 14 hours ago | 0 | 86 views | 0

After struggling a bit with figuring out how to properly generate 3D structure from motion models...

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polemapping pole-photography

NDVI with a key chain camera to use with a mini-drone - Second steps

by azaelb 1 day ago | 0 | 102 views | 0

In a former note titled NDVI with a key chain camera to use with a mini-drone - First steps we di...

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ndvi ir plugin infragram

The accidental raspberry pi spectrometer

by khufkens 3 days ago | 4 | 434 views | 3

Introduction [or how my effort to characterize the raspberry pi camera sensor made me design a s...

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diy spectroscopy pi spectral

Presentación de resultados de “Cartografia aèria de barri” en Barcelona

by pablo 4 days ago | 1 | 248 views | 4

El sábado 25 de abril 2015 se presentan los resultados de “Cartografía de Barrio”, unos talleres ...

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balloon-mapping barcelona spain presentation

How to Make Francis Rogallo's Flexible Kite

by Ecta64 4 days ago | 2 | 167 views | 2

While not a dedicated KAP kite, the Rogallo Flexible Kite version I demonstrate here could carry ...

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TetraPi: a well characterized multispectral camera

by khufkens 4 days ago | 1 | 313 views | 1

Democratizing multispectral imaging Motivation and goals Many of the projects on the Public Lab...

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ndvi multispectral mapping camera

PhenoPi: a citizen science phenology monitoring network

by khufkens 4 days ago | 9 | 365 views | 0

This project needs some context, so here goes... What is phenology? Phenology is the study of (...

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science vegetation phenopi phenology

MU Campus Map

by DocCooper74 5 days ago | 1 | 150 views | 0

First time MapKnitter user, this map was derived from UAV Imagery as part of a class project

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mansfield univeristy

Aerial Cartography. Rambla del Raval

by duchamp 6 days ago | 0 | 138 views | 0

In this ninth edition of the NOVUM Festival, researchers, scientists, artists, creators, students...

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rambla del raval