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Mid stream Urine analysis: Check whether you need to drink more water or not

by chongyukwai about 20 hours ago | 0 | 110 views | 0

Background: This is an experiential application of using spectro as a measurement of the concentr...

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analysis spectro urine

thermal colorimetic spectro photometer

by chongyukwai 1 day ago | 4 | 159 views | 0

Instruction of the design Procedure Preparation: (1)Cut a part of DVD/ CD(R) (2)Stick with the ...

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spectro spectrum

Field Test of First Prototype of Kayak Towable Thermal Fishing Bob Rig

by kgrevera 1 day ago | 0 | 107 views | 0

Field Test of First Prototype of Kayak Towable Thermal Fishing Bob Rig Background I am working ...

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thermal-photography thermal-fishing-bob

iFARM aerial panoramas

by cfastie 1 day ago | 0 | 78 views | 0

Image above: Newly created habitat for the New England cottontail. Forest along a stream was remo...

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kite-aerial-photography new-hampshire uav farm

MultispeQ at iFARM

by cfastie 2 days ago | 6 | 212 views | 1

An important potential use of the new PhotosynQ MultispeQ is for farmers to measure photosynthesi...

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new-hampshire agriculture farm photosynthesis

Mobius cameras and smaller balloons

by warren 3 days ago | 3 | 201 views | 5

I've been curious about how little helium it'd take to lift a Möbius camera as we've been using f...

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balloon-mapping mylar balloon-mapping-kit mobius

The Magic Behind MapKnitter: Leaflet.DistortableImage

by justinmanley 3 days ago | 2 | 247 views | 2

Leaflet.DistortableImage is a new plugin for the JavaScript mapping library Leaflet, written by ...

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balloon-mapping kite-mapping mapknitter software

iFARM 2015 report

by cfastie 3 days ago | 2 | 240 views | 1

IFarm 2015 was this past weekend in Lee, New Hampshire. This was the fourth annual meet-up to sha...

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new-hampshire uav farm kap

THANK YOU, new partnerships, and other updates

by Becki 4 days ago | 0 | 144 views | 0

Hello Public Lab community! I'm getting in touch with recent news that I'm excited to share. Fir...

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Datalogging, Part 3: GUI software for handling files

by JSummers 5 days ago | 0 | 214 views | 1

What I want to do: This note documents some code that I wrote to improve the feel of working wit...

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datalogger interface graphic user