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Hunter's Point South

by liz about 10 hours ago | 2 | 158 views | 1

What's going on There is a group documenting the "post-natural" Hunters Point South before it tu...

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new-york-city kite-mapping queens northeast

Fiji Photo Monitoring Plugin issues

by RQ-05 1 day ago | 1 | 126 views | 0

Has anyone seen this error while trying to process an NDVI image.? I can't get this to work. : (...

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near-infrared-camera ndvi imagej infragram

VIHELMO VELAPATINO. - Unmanned Aerial Systems - Drones in LIMA PERU

by vihelmo 1 day ago | 2 | 341 views | 1

We are building a Quadcopter to deliver packs with 0,5 kg payload. To incorporate some device...

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drones multicopters quadcopters unmanned

Mobius non-fish-eye lens conversion

by patcoyle 1 day ago | 2 | 160 views | 0

What I want to do Explore alternative non-fish-eye lens options for use with Mobius Infragram pl...

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kap mobius-actioncam infragram-point-shoot stowaway-delta

Argonne Interns at Public Lab 2015 Midwest Regional Barnraising

by wsnutt 2 days ago | 0 | 526 views | 2

The Public Lab Chicago Barnraising was a great opportunity for local community members to connect...

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barnraising blog barnstar:basic

DustDuino Sketches

by Willie 3 days ago | 0 | 222 views | 0

The DustDuino is a customization of Arduino designed to help makers create low-power, highly cust...

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arduino particulate-sensing programmers code

Sneak preview of new Spectral Workbench sets display

by warren 3 days ago | 0 | 148 views | 0

Check it out here: And see the embed here:

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spectrometer software spectral-workbench

Silhouette Cameo desktop paper cutter for prototyping

by warren 3 days ago | 2 | 139 views | 0

What I want to do I've been wanting to do more laser cutting to prototype things like the Oil Te...

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spectrometer oil-testing-kit papercraft paper

A Lending Library (shipping and other troubles in the holyland)

by hagitkeysar 5 days ago | 0 | 326 views | 1

I am writing this research note to start thinking and planning how to solve the problems with shi...

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balloon-mapping kite-mapping jerusalem diy

A Day Out Using The TALA Kite Anemometer

by Ecta64 6 days ago | 0 | 158 views | 0

Here is a glimpse into what I hope will eventually be a DIY setup (under 20 bucks in total mat...

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kite anemometer wind-speed-meter